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I started painting at the age of six, and at the age of twelve I attended the state painting school for four years in the socialist-communist system of the Ceausescu era in Romania. In 1985, at the age of 27, I left my homeland with my family and three children. Years later I experienced the freedom of art and the expression of the unconscious. Diving into “inner worlds” and “fleeing” from real existence makes the creative so valuable.

The study of painting and graphics, graphic and photo design underpinned my understanding of art. I worked in adult education for twelve years, after that I founded an advertising agency with an art gallery in Bochum and had my own exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Holland, New York and Upper Austria. Two of my paintings were auctioned off by Hape Kerkeling for the AIDS Foundation in 2003.

In 2012, after 27 years, I moved from Bochum to Upper Austria to be with my mother and to look after her. Today I live and work in the atelier22 with gallery on the Gmundnerberg. – As a single mother of three children and art director of my own advertising agency, I wasn’t able to fully devote myself to art, painting, photography and writing, but I’ve always stuck to it. Today I can put all my life experience and life energy into it and find my “handwriting” as an artist. – Nature, people, stories, social and political criticism are the main themes of my work.

For decades I’ve been to art fairs, galleries and exhibitions all over the world – the basis for a better, more diverse understanding of fine arts, especially contemporary art.