My garden and my studio on the Gmundnerberg are my places of rest and inspiration. After 11 years on the Gmundnerberg, I still have the feeling that I have arrived in a holiday region. A pleasant feeling arises when I drive down the B 145 in the direction of Altmünster and see the Traunstein with Lake Traunsee in front of me. Then I think to myself, what more could you want, everything is there, the mountains, the lakes, the wonderful nature.

Nature also surrounds my home. I’m always happy when I go into the garden – even if it involves a lot of work – and look at the plants and their colors, the blooming of the 35 fruit trees, the berries, or the vines that I gradually planted. There are two Indian bananas in my garden and this year they are blooming for the first time. I am eternally grateful for all of this!

On the one hand, it is the beauty of nature that inspires me, but its destruction is also visible in my pictures and photographs, some of them  I will be showing at the Gmundner Kunstspazierer in Castle Orth in Gmunden, 24. – 25.06,2023.