Art is a metaphor for the immortal.

– Prof. Ernst Fuchs

Angelika Toma (at)

In my painting and photography I show people and the beauty of nature but also its destruction. A recurring theme for me are people, for whom I am a visual “mouthpiece”, I want to tell their stories. For example I’m currently painting my helplessness in this brutal and inhuman Ukraine war in a series with six paintings: “Hope in the Wrong” and ask myself, if art should be political. YES, for me it is. Because our work is like a mirror of the society in which we live.

Or the series of seven paintings “We are so beautiful”, some of them inspired by the digital work of Jonas Peterson, is nothing else but the celebrating the beauty of older people and the beauty of life especially in these times with this brutal war in Ukraine, climate change and a lot of other crises in this world.

Title, technique, dimensions, year of creation of an image appear by selecting a photo. Fine art prints or prints on canvas are also possible.

A new series from 2022 are the abstract paintings.

A new series from 2021 is “Look at the sky“.

Another new series from 2020/2021 are pictures on the topic of food, which we pay far too little attention to.

The beauty of nature, the landscape, the trees, the flowers, their transience and their destruction by humans, especially in my photographs, are always themes that influence me.

Another new series 2021 are flowers on round or square canvases, the round symbolizing the unity, the perfect and the infinity of the sky.