A good photo is one you look at for more than a second.

– Henri Cartier-Bresson

For me, the gaze of the photographer is a “second-long ‘painting’ of the moment”, a schooling of seeing things, be it in a documentary or in an artistic sense. For years I captured everything that interested me with a camera, later I deepened my knowledge in a one and a half year photo design course. – For me, photos are a contemporary document, an inner, personal expression, a stored image in the brain, which, when viewed later, restores the connection to the perhaps forgotten moment of recording. The minimalist composition of the picture, the dividing of the picture surface, the reduction of the colourfulness, the beauty of nature are in the foreground, landscapes in the backlight, just like their destruction. In contrast to painting, when it comes to photography, I tend to stick to almost monochrome photos. For me, the close-ups are like a deep penetration into the nature of things, bringing the “unessential” to the surface. – I find people in a special setting or mood just as interesting and try to remain neutral and unnoticed by the other person.