Van Gogh – An unrecognized artist during his lifetime, his works were only appreciated after his death, today they are priceless. Out of a deep friendship with his fellow artist Paul Gauguin, he painted the four world-famous sunflower pictures for his guest’s room, pictures that are now in the world’s most renowned museums. The two artists spent nine weeks together in the rented “Yellow House” in Arles to set up an artist shared apartment. After an argument with Gauguin, the well-known severed ear occurred, which, in the opinion of two scientists, could not be attributed to Van Gogh. Gauguin is said to have made notes in advance about cutting off his ear.
Van Gogh sold a single painting during his lifetime to his brother Theo, who supported him and paid for his painting materials. Although van Gogh had little, he accommodated a destitute woman and her child in his house. His pictures, which I saw in various museums, are “alive”, they are full of love and passion for painting, for people and for the landscape.

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