SOLD – The Golden Rose, oil on canvas, 80 cm round, 2022

“The Golden Rose” goes to Vienna. – Monika Schwaiger from Galerie 10er Haus in Gmunden sold it to a nice  old lady who fell in love with the painting. – In 2022 I painted it in blue and gold after the war in Ukraine started. I was as sad and misunderstood then as I am now and I wonder why it is necessary to kill 500,000 people in this war??? For what, to show how much power Putin still has, to let opposition members like Navalny disappear in prison for years or to poison them or to crash a plane with people who could be dangerous to him. – In 2022 I painted a Ukraine series “Hope in the Wrong” of six paintings, I tried to empathize and bring to the canvas what people are exposed to in this war. Why is it not possible to lead another way than such a human-destroying war and to start the war machine again. I tried to put myself in the shoes of these mothers whose sons, so many young people, sacrifice their lives so needlessly. I could and can only imagine how they can go on living their whole lives with this grief.