“Libertas Artis – The freedom of art is the guiding principle of the Gmundner ART Association. Art and artistic creation should be free, open and diverse. And stay. Art can please, inspire, enchant, help. Art can do anything. But she doesn’t have to do anything! The Gmundner ART Association  defines itself as an open, dynamic collective, open to a wide variety of art movements and styles, opinions, views and definitions of art and aesthetics. Only the common denominator counts. Art can make a difference. For each and every individual, for our hometown, for the people and society.

In addition to being open to art, it is the social and societal demands that we want to meet. And will.”

Should art be political? YES! The brutal and inhuman war in Ukraine, the helplessness inspired me to paint the Series “Ukraine. Hope in the Wrong” with six paintings in oil.

Length and opening times of the exhibition 04.03. – 26.03.2022, Wednesday – Sunday, 10 am to 3 pm