atelier22 with gallery is a art space for fine art and photography.

“Art is for everyone,” writes Jerry Saltz, art critic at New York Magazine and Pulitzer Prize winner, in his book “How to be an artist“.

Making art means being creatively free. It is a creative process of one’s personality and life experiences, an act of transformation from the unconscious to the conscious. Fostering creativity, for example, in children from an early age increases concentration, self-confidence and develops their intelligence, especially when they are encouraged in what they do by family, school and the environment. – Gmunden in the Salzkammergut, Upper Austria, the area where the atelier22 with gallery is located, is definitely worth a visit meeting people from different corners of the world.

We are so beautiful, oil on canvas, 40x50 cm, 03.2023


Traunstein mit Traunsee (2), Foto, 2022


Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 80 cm, 2022