Love is all we need, a Hommage to Banksy (4), Mixed Medai on Hahnemühle, 50×60 cm, 2023

This series is a homage to Banksy and van Gogh.

Banksy – A well-known, unknown street artist, political activist and filmmaker. Nobody knows who he really is, except for a few initiated people. His most famous spray figure is the girl with the balloon. A critical artist who denounces the injustices of our time, including the million-dollar art trade in works of art. – The shredding of his picture “Girl with a Balloon” in the Sotheby’s auction made his criticism noticeable and his actions more known, the picture was still auctioned after the shredding for 1.1 million US dollars and a year later the value increased and it was sold for 16 Millions auctioned. Banksy is also known for supporting millions of dollars in various social projects.

In addition, he has no copyright on his works; everyone can do whatever she or he want with the copies of his spray paintings. A good example of his countless works was the exhibition in the Linz Tobacco Factory.