The atelier22 with gallery opened the 2023 season with the exhibition “We are so beautiful” on Saturday, April 1, 2023, at 11 a.m.

Why this title? Inspired by a digital work by photographer and storyteller Jonas Peterson, who uses AI – Artificial Intelligence – to portray elderly, confident people with striking make-up in colourful, elegant dresses surrounded by flowers. For some elderly people, this is rather atypical to show themselves so “stylish”. For me it was like a call and a confirmation that older people can be beautiful too, not just young, thin, gaunt young models. So I painted six pictures at once, a series on this subject.

But what is beauty? According to the dictionary, beauty is “everything that is beautiful about a thing or place” or a “strikingly beautiful person”. In my opinion, people radiate their inner beauty to the outside world, you can feel it or see it. I hope my pictures do the same and touch the viewer. But not only the people are “beautiful”, the nature with the colorful flowers or the landscapes, for which we humans have to do everything to preserve this beauty.

In addition, we are also celebrating our new gallery webshop with painted pictures in various techniques and photographs from the Gmundner area:

The exhibition can be booked by registering at from 02.04. – 07.05.2023 or online at

We wish you all a warm start to spring, stay creative and critical, see you soon at atelier22.